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Each time I gear up for a family portrait session, I get this question:  What do we wear?

Simply put, I love for my families to be matching, but with contrast.  What does that mean?  It doesn’t mean that everyone should show up in jeans and a white shirt.  It doesn’t mean that everyone should show up in jeans and a black shirt.  When everyone is dressed the same, there’s no opportunity for individuality, vibrancy, or hello… COLOR!

It does mean that common shades and complimenting patterns are excellent choices!  Take a look at a color wheel.  Pick a color… any color.  The first color you pick will be the main color.  Now, you have two options. Either pick a color directly across on the color wheel, or choose colors that are near your main color selection.  It’s that easy.

If you decide to add small patterns in the mix, I like to make sure that no more than 33% of the people in the photograph will be wearing patterns.  (For all the mathematically-challenged people, that’s one out of three.)  When opting for patterns, also consider who will be wearing the patterns.  For example, try not to put the patterned clothing on people who will likely end up next to each other in the photograph (ex. mom and dad).

Pinterest has many boards dedicated to choosing the family’s wardrobe for photographs.  This is an excellent starting place… and great visuals too!

Here are some additional tips to consider:

  1. Give yourself and your family plenty of time to plan the wardrobe.
  2. Dress for the season.
  3. Avoid really large patterns and logos.
  4. Darker colors are slimming and generally more flattering.
  5. Try not to choose clothing that is too trendy!  (Might look good today.  In 20 years, not so much!)
  6. Make sure everyone is in the same type of clothing (classy, casual, contemporary, or a mixture of classy and casual–like a dressy top with jeans and heels).
  7. Choose clothes that your family will feel comfortable in.
  8. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose.
  9. Don’t be intimidated by color.  Use the color wheel.
  10. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Here’s a family who got it right without even asking!

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Professional Photographer | Family Session

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Professional Photographer | Family Session

Until next time, be positive, be happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.



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