Wedding Day Details

Are Other Wedding Photographers Going to Do This?


Question: Do you just want someone to take pictures… OR, do you want a full-service photography experience?

In addition to all the amazing customer service I provide for every Ata-Girl client, this is a snapshot of what your wedding photography experience would look like if you select Ata-Girl as your photographer. With the exception of the last three, all of the details listed below are STANDARD in every Ata-Girl Wedding Collection. These are not add-ons! **The last three items are standard in collections above the base collection.

Photography Team of THREE (Main Photographer, Second Photographer & Assistant)

Italian, Archival-Quality, Handcrafted Photo Album with Presentation Box

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. rated the image permanence of these albums for 300+ years.

I am one of less than 200 photographers in Texas to offer these albums!

Your Choice of Two or Four Parent Albums

All Images Curated & Professionally Post Processed within 10 Days!!

Sneak Peek of at Least 50 Images within 48 Hours

Live Instagram & Tweeting with DSLR Images On Your Wedding Day

Custom SnapChat Geo-Location Filter

In-Person and/or Video Conference Consultations Throughout Wedding Planning Process

Welcome Present Upon Booking

Handcrafted, Customized Wedding Day Gift Valued at $100

Timeline Creation Assistance for Max Photo Opportunities + Wedding Enjoyment

Timeline Management on Wedding Day

Worksheet for Family Formal Portrait Time

Insured 24/7/365 Whether or Not Your Venue Requires It

You Don’t Have to Feed Me

Final Slide Show with Images from Engagement, Bridals and/or Wedding Day

Blog Post with Mention and Links to All Your Wedding Day Creatives

**Same day Slide Show with Actual Wedding Day Images
(Requires 6+ Hours Coverage and Sit-Down Dinner)

**Your Personal Wedding Image App, 10-Year Cloud Storage

**Info Cards to Share Digital Images with Your Guests


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