About Ata-Girl

San Antonio Wedding & Senior Photographer

I am San Antonio’s most unique wedding photographer. My products, customer service and level of care are superior to any other photographer in San Antonio. I specialize in…

  • Same Day Slideshow (Wedding Day Images), 
  • Same Day Prints (Wedding Day Images)
  • 10-Day Digital Proof Delivery
  • Italian Handcrafted Fine Art Albums
  • And, I just wrote a book about wedding photography!

My name is Tammy Blalock and I am an internationally-awarded, certified and full-time San Antonio wedding and senior photographer who is a native of Atascosa County, Texas (Ata-Girl). I want to be the photographer who captures your legacy in photographs… the one who creates the images your family will be looking at in 100 years.

My proudest moments in life are raising two daughters, living in the same area as my ancestors since 1909, serving in the U. S. Army, and surviving many tragic events yet still being able to keep an optimistic outlook on life.  I’ve lost loved ones very close to me and I wish OFTEN that I could travel back in time just to take more pictures.

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The unfortunate circumstances I have experienced have prepared me to document life’s landmarks with a creative set of eyes.  My aim is to capture the magical moments for you—to preserve them in history, not only in your mind, but in a tangible, cherished photograph.  I concentrate my efforts on the things that make people and families feel confident, beautiful, special, united and loved.  My sole objective is to create a beautiful legacy for you and your family.

Capturing important events in families’ lives makes me extremely happy—events that are milestones and need to be documented.  It makes me hopeful to photograph a young couple celebrating their future.  Watching a bride approach her groom and walk down the aisle is incalculable.  I love witnessing and preserving the dance a father has with his daughter when he gives her hand in marriage. There are few things more grand than memorializing the fun and love shared with the wedding guests at a reception.

When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, listening to music (Elvis and Prince), hunting for arrowheads, or reading.  I’ve always had a weakness for glazed donuts but recently developed a fondness for wine–Moscato d’Asti to be exact. The most important things in life are for me to see my two daughters happy and to create a family history my grandparents would be proud of!

Don’t forget to be positive, happy, and healthy, AND DON’T FORGET TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED!

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